View of Wellington

I Love Jacinda

Never thought I would write a post with political connotations – even if approached from a leadership and crisis management angle. But here I am, ready to declare my unconditional love for one, whom I think, today, is one of the world’s greatest leaders. New Zealand recorded a second consecutive day with ZERO Covid-19 infections. The result of a tough lockdown spanning two incubation cycles imposed … Continue reading I Love Jacinda

Capri by boat

Corona Thoughts: Gaining Perspective

My husband’s birthday was yesterday. We are off today and we decided to celebrate the big event with a home-cooked #quarantine brunch – pictures unavailable, but I swear I did well. We’ve been doing this throughout the weekends of isolation, but today I thought I would make it extra- special: an array of Italian dishes to honor the best vacation we ever had. And pulled … Continue reading Corona Thoughts: Gaining Perspective

Burgenstock Resort

Bürgenstock Resort: A Fairytale Mountain Escape

It is five o’clock in the morning. My biological clock awakens me – it’s school run time at home, back in the real world. I’d yearn to sleep more, but, as I shift in my bed, I catch a glimpse of a shimmering light. And, all of a sudden, I’m wide awake: “Oh! This beauty! I cannot miss a single thing!” Continue reading “Bürgenstock Resort: A Fairytale Mountain Escape”

Schweizerhof Bern

Schweizerhof Hotel: A Warm Host in Bern

For a traveller who likes hotels with a certain “je ne sais quoi”, the luxurious Schweizerhof Bern was surely a treat. In the heart of the Swiss capital, Schweizerhof Bern has been standing tall for 155 years now – as the hotel staff proudly shared with me.

My Swiss hospitality experience began with a seamless check-in and a bite at the lobby lounge. The dips, tartars and home-made crackers on the platter were colorful and tasty – just perfect to brighten up a Bernese autumn afternoon. “I just love this space”, I thought: cosy and elegant yet animated and full of life.

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A Quest for Hidden Gems

I love traveling. But then who doesn’t?

I am full of anticipation every time I get ready to set off. It’s the adrenaline of the unknown, the excitement of seeing new places, the joy of meeting new people. People with different backgrounds, people with different values. I always look forward to discovering new facets of reality, see how nature and mankind work together, how cultures reflect in food, architecture and social interaction.

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